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Revalue your house with these reforms

Posted by Nadine Hurtado on Wednesday April 24th, 2019
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Spring and good weather are just around the corner and I’m sure you’re already starting to think about making some changes in your home, taking advantage of the fact that it is one of the best times of the year to make renovations. If so, we recommend that you read this article because we are going to give you some tips to make small reforms and also these will help you to revalue your home.

Redistribution of spaces

If your home is not very big one of the main premises is to make the most of each square meter of your home. Therefore, a good solution is to have large spaces in which kitchen, living room and dining room are unified. By opting for this distribution of spaces, you will gain amplitude and visual communication, this means that relationships between people are improved, since you can interact with family and friends while you are cooking … If you are worried about odors, it is best to invest in a good extraction of smoke or failing to isolate the kitchen with a glass enclosure that allows you to open or close the adjoining space whenever you want. In this post we give you the pros and cons of opting for an open or closed kitchen.

Keep the essence

Does your house have special elements such as hydraulic mosaics, antique glass or original carpentry that are unique? We recommend that you keep them, clean them and restore them that these pieces can give their own personality. Respect the authenticity of your home will make it a unique place. If you still have any doubt about it, we recommend that you read this article where we explain a reform of an old house in which sustainability has prevailed and maintain the characteristics of the original home.


Change the windows

With this reform you will be successful since you will gain in comfort, you will save in the air conditioning of your home and you will improve the aesthetics. If you live in an area with a lot of traffic, we recommend that you opt for double glazing and, above all, that you choose quality materials. Read carefully this post in which we gave you advice to choose the windows of your house. If on the contrary, you prefer to maintain the original windows of your home, we advise you to treat them very well and to clean both the windows and the profiles regularly.

Renovation of facilities

As you can imagine the facilities age and change the regulations. Opting for the renovation of the facilities is to avoid problems in the future, besides that we will be more sustainable and this will always revalue our home. If we are not going to reform bathrooms and kitchen, we can always start changing the electrical installation and later the plumbing. So for this new electrical installation, we plan how we want our lighting with which we will get new environments and improve the general lighting of our home (here you have all the keys to get the right lighting for your house). In addition to this renovation, betting on home automation also helps to revalue the home, as it improves security and user experience. With home automation you can program the heating, open and close blinds and doors and also improve the accessibility of your home, in this article we tell you the benefits of home automation to help you solve your possible doubts.

Change the carpentry

Doors, skirting boards and cabinets are elements that are very important inside our house and when this carpentry is dark it takes light from the rooms. Opting for a white carpentry will bring a lot of light to your home, in addition this type of dark woods pass faster fashion, so white is a safe bet. For this you can either change all the carpentry or you can choose to paint it with special paints.

Replaces the pavement

The change of soil is the key to make a big change to your house. You can take out the one you already have or install another one. In the market there are several options that you can install over the existing one such as the floating floor, the micro cement, the ceramic or the vinyl floor. If you have doubts about the differences between stage, parquet and laminate floor, we recommend that you read this article where we explain your differences.

Currently, the flooring that revalues ​​the houses more are hydraulic and natural parquet floors. So if it is your case we recommend that you keep them and take care of them as they deserve these beautiful soils.

Renovating the bathroom and the kitchen: safe bet

It is a classic with which you will never fail, renovating the kitchen and bathrooms will help to revalue and update your home. The bathroom is one of the spaces that we like to renew, since an updated bathroom transmits cleanliness and neatness. But above all we want the bathroom to have a modern design, with modern lines (that include the original elements if they are beautiful) and that above all is spacious. Therefore, we recommend you read this article where we give you the main keys to make this bathroom reform and not die in the attempt since there are many things you have to take into account to get the bathroom of your dreams.

As for the kitchen, if you choose to unify spaces and unites the kitchen with the dining room choose to use neutral furniture or in light tones so that it does not tire to the eye and uses very resistant materials for both furniture and countertops. By unifying the spaces you will gain amplitude and you will get more light. Learn more about the latest trends in cooking, in this post where we give you the keys.

Do not forget the walls

Always keep in mind the walls. If you still have gotelé, it is important that you begin to consider making the investment that costs to get rid of it. In addition to this, it is advisable that you repaint your house every two or three years. Choose tones that transmit calm and that enhance the brightness of your home is a sure success.

In short, updating the bathrooms and the kitchen, changing the electrical and plumbing installations, renovating both the doors and the windows and preserving the walls would be the basic reforms that you must do to increase your house value if in the future you are going to sell it. After reading these little reforms, do you know where you’re going to start this spring?


Fuente: Eva García Robles para Cuida Tu Casa

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